WORKS Coffee & Bytes


Client OPENGRA Coworking

Coffee & Bytes, a collaboration between Opengra Coworking and Rome Future Week, is designed for professionals and enthusiasts in the digital and communication industries. It’s a series of networking events focused on the future of professions, including five thematic appointments, each promoting discussions on cutting-edge topics that are shaping various sectors.

At Coffee & Bytes, each day presents a new opportunity to connect and brainstorm over breakfast in an engaging and informal setting. Our selected meetings attract a diverse crowd of professionals, including special guests, industry innovators, and creative minds, all eager to exchange ideas and insights about the evolving work landscape.

Our role in Coffee & Bytes was multifaceted. We developed the event’s format, ensuring that each session was specifically aimed at fostering meaningful discussions and networking opportunities. Additionally, we managed the secretarial and guest logistics, created a complete communication identity, enhancing the event’s visibility and appeal in the digital world.


Concept Event, Branding, Social

Coffee & Bytes

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